University Students’ Style to go to Campus


Some students of university have different style of dresses to go to campus. Each has their own style. For example, some girls are wearing mini skirt, t-shirt, trousers, short pants, and sometimes they are wearing heels. And for some boys are wearing short pants, t-shirt, blouse, trousers, etc. Their style are different each other.

Some of the students who come from western part of Indonesia usually wear neat and polite clothes. Some of them are wearing jeans, blouse, and shoes, or they wearing skirt and t-shirt. That because most of the people from the western part of Indonesia have style of dresses to look neat and polite. The other hand, some of the students who come from eastern part of Indonesia, they like to wear loose clothing so it looks like hip-hop style. They also like to wear basket shoes, a big and long necklace, and sometimes they wear hat. So, they are sometimes really like a hip-hop singer. Usually some students who like to wear hip-hop style are boys’ students who come from Ambon.  But, some students who come from Papua they sometimes wearing casual clothes but some of them are wearing clothes with a garish color. For example, some of them are wearing a light green shirt, and their pants or trousers with red color.

In addition due to differences in students’ style is from their faculty. For example the Economic faculty that does not allow their students to wear sandals, short pants and t-shirt to the class. And PGSD (Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar) faculty also does not allow their students to wear sandals to go to campus. So some students from Economic and PGSD faculty their style is neat and polite. But, some faculties allow their students to wear sandals, short pants and t-shirt like faculty of electrical. So, style from faculty of electro’s students look more relaxed, and sometimes when they are studying in the campus they like at their house because their clothes are too casual.

Besides that, nowadays is that the globalization and modernization have grown rapidly. Cultures outside of Indonesia can enter easily through electronic means, such as television, internet, BBM, etc. Therefore, the fashion of the foreign and domestic artists or public figure can be easily updated and is known to. So some students’ dress imitates the style of artists. Sometimes they also look like girls and boys band that are booming nowadays. Some girls use high heels, mini skirt, tank tops and jackets with their makeup look like artist. And for some boys they are using tights, flat shoes, tight clothes, and sometimes they deliberately did not justify some of the buttons so they will look like Korean boys band. And sometimes their style is less suited to the culture of Indonesia, so they will look weird.

Although the students  have their own style to go to campus and they are look different each other, they must wear polite clothes when they are studying. As a students of university, they should know how to dress decently and neatly to show respect to the lecturers, and as an example of students who still at the high school. And as students of university they should show that they are educated people, so they should wear appropriate dress.


Javanese wedding ceremony

The bridegroom and the bride take a bath with the holy water, called banyu suci Perwitosari.

Banyu is water, suci is holy, and perwitosari is essence of life. JP/ Tuladha Tanggap Wacana Basa Jawi.

Siraman, in the wedding ceremony is meant to clean the couple’s bodies as well as their souls. The first person who takes a  bath him or her is the father, then the mother and it is continued by others in list, like the grandparents, the uncle or the aunt.

After Siraman, the rituals continue with Midodareni. Midodareni,  derived from the word “widodari”, means goddess.

In the evening the bride becomes beautiful like a goddess. The bride usually wear kebaya, the Javanese traditional clothes. Then, her hair bun and her face will be made-up angel. She should be visited by goddesses from heaven. The bride has to stay in the room until midnight accompanied by some elder women giving her useful advice.

The advice that usually gives are about how to be a good wife and how to manage their marriage life.

That is the beginning of the Javanese wedding ceremony. Then, the ceremony will be continued by Ijab to legalize their marriage. But, the ijab depends on their religion.

After an Ijab’s ritual, the ceremony continues with other rituals.  Usually the ritual is lead by the pranatacara (like event organize or MC).

Andreas Suwardi as the pranatacara in the wedding ceremony said that the first ritual in the day of wedding is Wiji dadi. The bridegroom crashes a chicken egg with his right foot, then the bride washes the bridegroom’s foot several times using water mixed several flowers.

“It  means the bridegroom is ready to become a responsible father and should be a faithful husband.” Said Andreas Suwardi.

Then, the father leads the couple to the wedding chair. The mother covers the bridegroom and the bride with red fabric or Sindur. That’s symbolizing that the father shows the way of happiness, and the mother gives moral support. JP/Tuladha Tanggap Wacana Basa Jawi.

The bride and the bridegroom sit on the father’s lap. And the father will say that they have equal weight. That ritual called timbangan.

The father said that the bride and the bridegroom have equal weight; it means that the parents will love them both equally.  The parents will love the bride and the bridegroom as their son or daughter.

The bride and the bridegroom sat by the father on their wedding ceremony. That ceremony called Tanem, meant that the father approved of their marriage. The father also blesses them.

In the wedding ceremony, usually the couple exchanges their rings. And this ritual called Tukar Kalpika. They exchange their rings as a symbol of their love for each other. JP/Tuladha Tanggap Wacana Basa Jawi.


The couple walk arm in arm or more precisely holding each other with their little finger to site Kacar-kucur.

Kacar-kucur : The bridegroom gives to the bride some soybeans, peanuts, rice, corns, yellow rice, dlingo bengle herbs, flowers and coins of different values. The quantity of coins must be even. The coins must be in balance output. The bride carefully receives these gifts in a small white cloth, above an old mat which is put on her lap. JP/Tuladha Tanggap Wacana Basa Jawi.

“Kacar-kucur means, the husband should give all his income to his wife, and the wife should be a good careful house wife to manage the money.” Said Andreas Suwardi.

When the couples live together usually the husband who work to fulfill their family’s economy. And then, the husband gives his income to his wife and his wife should manage the income from her husband for their daily life carefully.

The ritual continues with Dulangan or Dahar Klimah. The couple eats together and feeds each other. They eats and feeds together means that they should use and enjoy their belongings together in their life.

Sungkeman is the touched moment for the bridegroom and the bride, also for their family. In this moment the couple is ready to build their new family so they will ask permission and blessing from their parents to build their own strong family.” Andreas Suwardi explained.

The couple should kneel and ask the blessing from their parents. The parents then escort the newlyweds.

The bridegroom and the bride are ready to walk in to their real life to build a strong family together.

After the wedding rituals are completed, then follows the reception. Usually, the bridegroom and the bride and also the guests will be entertained with love dancing.

Love dancing is dancing that shows the true love of men and women.  The favorite love dance is GATOTKACA-PERGIWO a fragment from the wayang story. This dance is favorite because Gatotkaca was a figure in Mahabarata epic or figure in the wayang. And this dance shows the Gatotkaca’s love story with Dewi Pergiwa the beautiful princes. JP/Tuladha Tanggap Wacana Basa Jawi.

Sometimes, while all the guests are enjoying the party by eating food that is offered, the sound of gamelan music echoes beautifully through the reception hall.

My Mother is My Teacher

When I was a child, I learned to read and write with my mother. My mother told me that she taught me to read since I was 3 years old. The first time, she showed me the numbers from zero until nine. She also taught me the alphabet. She taught me to read that by saying that number clearly and I mimicked it. Besides that, my mother taught me to read by reading some sentences in the advertisement or on the billboard when we went some where, and that’s what really helps me. Moreover, my parents also bought me a big paper and in paper letters were written A until Z and a few words that read “ba bi bu be bo, ca ci cu ce co, da di du de do, fa fi fu fe fo, ga gi gu ge go, ha hi hu he ho, ja ji ju je jo, ka ki ku ke ko, ma mi mu me mo, na ni nu ne no, etc”. So, I learned to read it every day and my mother guided me to read it. My mother said that letter and then I mimicked what my mother said.

My mother      : “Tika, ayo belajar membaca !”

Me                   : “Iya !”

My mother      : “D-A, DA, D-U, DU dibaca ?”

Me                   : Dadu.

My mother      : “Kalau, S-A-T-E, dibaca apa ?”

Me                   : “Sate !”

When my mother taught me to read, she told me that I had difficulty to pronounce the letter R. So when I said ‘R’ what was heard was like ‘el’, and I thought that was embarrassing. I still could not pronounce ‘R’ until I was in the kindergarten. I don’t’ know why ‘R’ was so difficult for me. Because of that, my mother made fun of me in the house and I had to practice ‘R’ everyday with my mother. So, every morning when I woke up, my mother always asked me to say some words in Indonesian that use ‘R’ letter, like “ramai, rambut, rontok, ribut, roti, rusa, etc” and finally, one day I could pronounce ‘R’ ! I was so happy that day, and mother did not make fun again about that. But, I think that was the funny experienced that I once had.

My mother also bought me some books to learn to read. In those books, there were many pictures that were next to the text that is used to learn to read. Because of many of the pictures there, I liked to learn to read using that book. But if I was bored to learn, I prefer to paint the pictures that were in the book. Actually I prefer to paint rather than learn to read, but my mother always reminded me and taught me to learn read, so I did what my mother asked me. Actually, until now I still like to paint rather than read a book.

Besides bought me some books, my mother also bought me a card with a pictures of animals, plants and pictorial objects around us such as chairs, desks, wardrobes, beds, books, door, window, kitchen utensils and others.  In addition to pictures, the card also contained the words to name objects depicted in the card. I liked to play those cards with my brother, or with my friends. Games that I usually do were to guess the name of the image on the card, and sometimes I played it with my mother. My mother showed me the picture and then I spelled out the name of the object correctly. If I misspelled the name, my mother would fix it and if I spelled it right then sometimes my mother would give me a gift, like candies or chocolate. All of this really helped me to become a good reader.

I also learned to write with my mother. After I could read, she taught me to write the letters from A until Z. Besides that, my mother also taught me to write the numbers zero through nine. Before my mother taught me to write, my mother taught me to hold a pencil, then my mother held my hand and began to teach me to write letters. After several exercises, I started writing on my own without my hand being held by my mother.

My mother also frequently bought me a book to learn to write. Books that I used at that time to learn to write were different with books that I used to learn to read. In this writing book the letter was dots, so I just combined those points so that it became the letter. Sometimes, my mother also gave me more exercises to write, she wrote some sentences at the top of paper and then I rewrote it under my mother’s writings. After I finished it my mother gave my writing a score and checked the wrong letters that I use had made it. I usually learned to write along with my mother every evening, but sometimes I learned with my father as well. Those times when I learned to read and write, my father was busy with his job. So, my father didn’t have too much time to teach and guide me.

I thought I have to read and write because my mother told me, and if I can read, I can read lots of books and I can get lots of information in the world. And if I can write maybe I can be a writer. That’s so interesting for me, and I felt so excited. So, I study hard to can read and write.

My mother is an elementary teacher, my father also is an elementary teacher, so they are very concerned with my education and my brother’s education. So my mother has patiently guided me and taught me to learn. And my motivation to be able to read and write is my mother. She is my teacher who always teaches me and she is always guiding me to this day.

My Lovely Brother

            In my family, I just have a brother and he is six years older than me. His name is Cahyo and I am really proud being his sister and I really love him. Now, my brother is twenty five years old and he works in Tangerang. My brother has a cute face, handsome, pointed nose, white skin, and good teeth. My mother told me that my brother and I have the same eyebrow and eyes. Besides that my brother’s tall is same with me, it’s about 164 centimeters.

When my brother was a child, he was a naughty boy. My mother told me that my brother didn’t like to eat vegetables and fruits, but he liked to eat jelly and snacks. Besides that, my brother always needed to get what he wanted, and he would work hard to get it. For example, when he wanted to buy some toys and my parents would not to buy it, my brother would rent his comics out to his friends, so he would get money and he could buy the toys that he wanted.

Besides that, my brother always made me cry everyday and disturbed me when we were children. He really liked to disturbed me until I cried, but I hated it. For example, when I was sleeping he made noisy voices to wake me up and when I was watching television he liked to change the channel to the channel he wanted. He also liked to take my snack when I was eating that, and sometimes he liked to make some spicy or hot or sour food for me. He liked to disturbe me until I was in the senior high school. Although my brother likes to disturb me, he also likes to teach me to do my homework, help me to do my tasks, and we also liked to watch movies together or play video games together.

When my brother was in the high school, he liked motorcycles. He liked to watch MOTO GP, buy Motor Sport magazine, and tried to repair my father’s motorcycle himself but it didn’t work well. Besides that, my brother also likes to try something new, like climb mountains with his friends when he was in senior high school. The mountain that he ever climbed were Merapi, Merbabu, Sindoro, Sumbing, Ungaran, and Lawu. And since he liked to climb mountains, he saved his money to buy climbing stuff like a bag, shoes, jacket, stove, etc. But, when he was in the collage he never wanted to climb mountain again and he started to join with a motor club and that toured together around Java. But now, he doesn’t join with a motor club again because he wanted to concentrate with his job.

Before my brother gets a job, he once went school in the Kanisius Bedono elementary school. And his high schools were Pangudi Luhur Ambarawa junior high school and Negri 1 Ungaran senior high. After graduated from high school my brother continued his scholar and his master degree in the Satya Wacana Christian University. And now, he works in Tangerang.

My brother is a friendly person and kind, but he is a moody person. If he is sad he will be quiet and do nothing. If he is happy he will be enthusiastic to do something and he will look cute and sweet. My brother is temperamental person. If someone disturbs him when he is seriously doing something, he will be angry or sometimes he will yell at that person. And when someone does something wrong to him and makes him get injured he will be angry. But, one thing that never changes about my brother that is he always loves me and my family. He always helps me study, he always gives me advice for my life, and whenever I get a problem he makes me calm and strong to solve my problem.

There is something special that I like from my brother that is his way to love me and his way to help me grow up. He never spoils me and he always gives me the best advices. But, I don’t like when he is in a bad mood because he can easily angry with me. And one thing that I will never forget, that was his hugs for me when I got an accident few months ago. He hugged me to support me and to make me calm at that time, and that was the first time he hugs me. Since that time I feel closer with my brother than before.

Now, he is far from me, I just can meet him when he comes back home on his holiday. So, as a tribute to my brother I will take care of our pet, take care of our grandparents and also keep clean his stuff in the house. Besides that, I will study hard to fulfill our promise to make our parents happy. I will always love him because he is my inspiration and my spirit.


The Walt Disney

The Walt Disney picture is so unique and antiq. The thing that makes the picture looks unique and antiq is the picture of the castle. For me, castle is something that pictured about the past time. And also, castle is related to the movie that told about the kingdom and war. But, nowadays there isn’t a kingdom like in the movie but Walt Disney still use the picture of castle and that is unique. Besides that, Walt Disney picture can make people curious with the product of the Walt Disney because of the castle picture.  As we knew that Walt Disney use picture of castle so maybe some people curious to know more about Walt Disney, why Walt Disney use picture of castle, is the picture represented the Walt Disney products or not and etc.

We have already known that the picture of Walt Disney is a castle with a half circle above the castle. In the castle, there are eight towers with flag. That looks like that Walt Disney is a prosperous kingdom for movie. The castle also looks order the happiness, the happiness for the viewer, the audience who watched the Walt Disney product. So, the people who watched the Walt Disney movie will feel happy and enjoy the movie. Then there is a big gate in the middle of the castle, besides that the picture of the castle likes a strip.  Then, above the castle, there is a half circle and that looks like a protector for the castle or may be look like a sun behind the castle. The half circle likes a protector for the Walt Disney product in the market. Then, the color of the castle and the half of circle is light blue and the position is in the center of the background. That is showed that the castle is bright and shiny, so the Walt Disney movie or product will be shined in the world and all people will love it.

Then, there are words “Walt Disney” and “pictures”. The words “Walt Disney” is unique because the font is special for Walt Disney, the word looks like represent a funny font and like hand writing. These words looks like represent to the children, because children like something unique and funny. That word is written with the capital letters. Besides that, the words are white and make people easily to read it. The words “Walt Disney” is in the front of the castle. Then, the word “picture” is written by capital letters and the size is smaller than the words “Walt Disney”. The position of the word “picture” is under the word “Walt Disney” and the color of this word is light blue like as the castle. This word represented that Walt Disney has produced in the entertainment.

The empty background is dark blue and the colors like the sky in the night. So, the picture is designed to look like a castle with a protector in the sky and the white color of the words “Walt Disney” like a cloud. In the other hand, I think maybe the picture designed like a castle with the sun behind the castle in the sky, and the cloud in front of the castle to support the castle to fly in the sky. It means that the castle will be flying as high as the cloud and the sun will shine every day. So, the Walt Disney product will be the popular product in the world and the product will be the best product and can make people happy to watch it.

Besides that, the product of Walt Disney is usually for the children because I have found more cartoons or children movies are produced by Walt Disney. And from that product I think, that is the reason why Walt Disney use picture of castle and the unique font. And overall I think the Walt Disney picture is unique and antiq.