My Lovely Brother

            In my family, I just have a brother and he is six years older than me. His name is Cahyo and I am really proud being his sister and I really love him. Now, my brother is twenty five years old and he works in Tangerang. My brother has a cute face, handsome, pointed nose, white skin, and good teeth. My mother told me that my brother and I have the same eyebrow and eyes. Besides that my brother’s tall is same with me, it’s about 164 centimeters.

When my brother was a child, he was a naughty boy. My mother told me that my brother didn’t like to eat vegetables and fruits, but he liked to eat jelly and snacks. Besides that, my brother always needed to get what he wanted, and he would work hard to get it. For example, when he wanted to buy some toys and my parents would not to buy it, my brother would rent his comics out to his friends, so he would get money and he could buy the toys that he wanted.

Besides that, my brother always made me cry everyday and disturbed me when we were children. He really liked to disturbed me until I cried, but I hated it. For example, when I was sleeping he made noisy voices to wake me up and when I was watching television he liked to change the channel to the channel he wanted. He also liked to take my snack when I was eating that, and sometimes he liked to make some spicy or hot or sour food for me. He liked to disturbe me until I was in the senior high school. Although my brother likes to disturb me, he also likes to teach me to do my homework, help me to do my tasks, and we also liked to watch movies together or play video games together.

When my brother was in the high school, he liked motorcycles. He liked to watch MOTO GP, buy Motor Sport magazine, and tried to repair my father’s motorcycle himself but it didn’t work well. Besides that, my brother also likes to try something new, like climb mountains with his friends when he was in senior high school. The mountain that he ever climbed were Merapi, Merbabu, Sindoro, Sumbing, Ungaran, and Lawu. And since he liked to climb mountains, he saved his money to buy climbing stuff like a bag, shoes, jacket, stove, etc. But, when he was in the collage he never wanted to climb mountain again and he started to join with a motor club and that toured together around Java. But now, he doesn’t join with a motor club again because he wanted to concentrate with his job.

Before my brother gets a job, he once went school in the Kanisius Bedono elementary school. And his high schools were Pangudi Luhur Ambarawa junior high school and Negri 1 Ungaran senior high. After graduated from high school my brother continued his scholar and his master degree in the Satya Wacana Christian University. And now, he works in Tangerang.

My brother is a friendly person and kind, but he is a moody person. If he is sad he will be quiet and do nothing. If he is happy he will be enthusiastic to do something and he will look cute and sweet. My brother is temperamental person. If someone disturbs him when he is seriously doing something, he will be angry or sometimes he will yell at that person. And when someone does something wrong to him and makes him get injured he will be angry. But, one thing that never changes about my brother that is he always loves me and my family. He always helps me study, he always gives me advice for my life, and whenever I get a problem he makes me calm and strong to solve my problem.

There is something special that I like from my brother that is his way to love me and his way to help me grow up. He never spoils me and he always gives me the best advices. But, I don’t like when he is in a bad mood because he can easily angry with me. And one thing that I will never forget, that was his hugs for me when I got an accident few months ago. He hugged me to support me and to make me calm at that time, and that was the first time he hugs me. Since that time I feel closer with my brother than before.

Now, he is far from me, I just can meet him when he comes back home on his holiday. So, as a tribute to my brother I will take care of our pet, take care of our grandparents and also keep clean his stuff in the house. Besides that, I will study hard to fulfill our promise to make our parents happy. I will always love him because he is my inspiration and my spirit.



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