My Mother is My Teacher

When I was a child, I learned to read and write with my mother. My mother told me that she taught me to read since I was 3 years old. The first time, she showed me the numbers from zero until nine. She also taught me the alphabet. She taught me to read that by saying that number clearly and I mimicked it. Besides that, my mother taught me to read by reading some sentences in the advertisement or on the billboard when we went some where, and that’s what really helps me. Moreover, my parents also bought me a big paper and in paper letters were written A until Z and a few words that read “ba bi bu be bo, ca ci cu ce co, da di du de do, fa fi fu fe fo, ga gi gu ge go, ha hi hu he ho, ja ji ju je jo, ka ki ku ke ko, ma mi mu me mo, na ni nu ne no, etc”. So, I learned to read it every day and my mother guided me to read it. My mother said that letter and then I mimicked what my mother said.

My mother      : “Tika, ayo belajar membaca !”

Me                   : “Iya !”

My mother      : “D-A, DA, D-U, DU dibaca ?”

Me                   : Dadu.

My mother      : “Kalau, S-A-T-E, dibaca apa ?”

Me                   : “Sate !”

When my mother taught me to read, she told me that I had difficulty to pronounce the letter R. So when I said ‘R’ what was heard was like ‘el’, and I thought that was embarrassing. I still could not pronounce ‘R’ until I was in the kindergarten. I don’t’ know why ‘R’ was so difficult for me. Because of that, my mother made fun of me in the house and I had to practice ‘R’ everyday with my mother. So, every morning when I woke up, my mother always asked me to say some words in Indonesian that use ‘R’ letter, like “ramai, rambut, rontok, ribut, roti, rusa, etc” and finally, one day I could pronounce ‘R’ ! I was so happy that day, and mother did not make fun again about that. But, I think that was the funny experienced that I once had.

My mother also bought me some books to learn to read. In those books, there were many pictures that were next to the text that is used to learn to read. Because of many of the pictures there, I liked to learn to read using that book. But if I was bored to learn, I prefer to paint the pictures that were in the book. Actually I prefer to paint rather than learn to read, but my mother always reminded me and taught me to learn read, so I did what my mother asked me. Actually, until now I still like to paint rather than read a book.

Besides bought me some books, my mother also bought me a card with a pictures of animals, plants and pictorial objects around us such as chairs, desks, wardrobes, beds, books, door, window, kitchen utensils and others.  In addition to pictures, the card also contained the words to name objects depicted in the card. I liked to play those cards with my brother, or with my friends. Games that I usually do were to guess the name of the image on the card, and sometimes I played it with my mother. My mother showed me the picture and then I spelled out the name of the object correctly. If I misspelled the name, my mother would fix it and if I spelled it right then sometimes my mother would give me a gift, like candies or chocolate. All of this really helped me to become a good reader.

I also learned to write with my mother. After I could read, she taught me to write the letters from A until Z. Besides that, my mother also taught me to write the numbers zero through nine. Before my mother taught me to write, my mother taught me to hold a pencil, then my mother held my hand and began to teach me to write letters. After several exercises, I started writing on my own without my hand being held by my mother.

My mother also frequently bought me a book to learn to write. Books that I used at that time to learn to write were different with books that I used to learn to read. In this writing book the letter was dots, so I just combined those points so that it became the letter. Sometimes, my mother also gave me more exercises to write, she wrote some sentences at the top of paper and then I rewrote it under my mother’s writings. After I finished it my mother gave my writing a score and checked the wrong letters that I use had made it. I usually learned to write along with my mother every evening, but sometimes I learned with my father as well. Those times when I learned to read and write, my father was busy with his job. So, my father didn’t have too much time to teach and guide me.

I thought I have to read and write because my mother told me, and if I can read, I can read lots of books and I can get lots of information in the world. And if I can write maybe I can be a writer. That’s so interesting for me, and I felt so excited. So, I study hard to can read and write.

My mother is an elementary teacher, my father also is an elementary teacher, so they are very concerned with my education and my brother’s education. So my mother has patiently guided me and taught me to learn. And my motivation to be able to read and write is my mother. She is my teacher who always teaches me and she is always guiding me to this day.


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