The Walt Disney

The Walt Disney picture is so unique and antiq. The thing that makes the picture looks unique and antiq is the picture of the castle. For me, castle is something that pictured about the past time. And also, castle is related to the movie that told about the kingdom and war. But, nowadays there isn’t a kingdom like in the movie but Walt Disney still use the picture of castle and that is unique. Besides that, Walt Disney picture can make people curious with the product of the Walt Disney because of the castle picture.  As we knew that Walt Disney use picture of castle so maybe some people curious to know more about Walt Disney, why Walt Disney use picture of castle, is the picture represented the Walt Disney products or not and etc.

We have already known that the picture of Walt Disney is a castle with a half circle above the castle. In the castle, there are eight towers with flag. That looks like that Walt Disney is a prosperous kingdom for movie. The castle also looks order the happiness, the happiness for the viewer, the audience who watched the Walt Disney product. So, the people who watched the Walt Disney movie will feel happy and enjoy the movie. Then there is a big gate in the middle of the castle, besides that the picture of the castle likes a strip.  Then, above the castle, there is a half circle and that looks like a protector for the castle or may be look like a sun behind the castle. The half circle likes a protector for the Walt Disney product in the market. Then, the color of the castle and the half of circle is light blue and the position is in the center of the background. That is showed that the castle is bright and shiny, so the Walt Disney movie or product will be shined in the world and all people will love it.

Then, there are words “Walt Disney” and “pictures”. The words “Walt Disney” is unique because the font is special for Walt Disney, the word looks like represent a funny font and like hand writing. These words looks like represent to the children, because children like something unique and funny. That word is written with the capital letters. Besides that, the words are white and make people easily to read it. The words “Walt Disney” is in the front of the castle. Then, the word “picture” is written by capital letters and the size is smaller than the words “Walt Disney”. The position of the word “picture” is under the word “Walt Disney” and the color of this word is light blue like as the castle. This word represented that Walt Disney has produced in the entertainment.

The empty background is dark blue and the colors like the sky in the night. So, the picture is designed to look like a castle with a protector in the sky and the white color of the words “Walt Disney” like a cloud. In the other hand, I think maybe the picture designed like a castle with the sun behind the castle in the sky, and the cloud in front of the castle to support the castle to fly in the sky. It means that the castle will be flying as high as the cloud and the sun will shine every day. So, the Walt Disney product will be the popular product in the world and the product will be the best product and can make people happy to watch it.

Besides that, the product of Walt Disney is usually for the children because I have found more cartoons or children movies are produced by Walt Disney. And from that product I think, that is the reason why Walt Disney use picture of castle and the unique font. And overall I think the Walt Disney picture is unique and antiq.


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