University Students’ Style to go to Campus


Some students of university have different style of dresses to go to campus. Each has their own style. For example, some girls are wearing mini skirt, t-shirt, trousers, short pants, and sometimes they are wearing heels. And for some boys are wearing short pants, t-shirt, blouse, trousers, etc. Their style are different each other.

Some of the students who come from western part of Indonesia usually wear neat and polite clothes. Some of them are wearing jeans, blouse, and shoes, or they wearing skirt and t-shirt. That because most of the people from the western part of Indonesia have style of dresses to look neat and polite. The other hand, some of the students who come from eastern part of Indonesia, they like to wear loose clothing so it looks like hip-hop style. They also like to wear basket shoes, a big and long necklace, and sometimes they wear hat. So, they are sometimes really like a hip-hop singer. Usually some students who like to wear hip-hop style are boys’ students who come from Ambon.  But, some students who come from Papua they sometimes wearing casual clothes but some of them are wearing clothes with a garish color. For example, some of them are wearing a light green shirt, and their pants or trousers with red color.

In addition due to differences in students’ style is from their faculty. For example the Economic faculty that does not allow their students to wear sandals, short pants and t-shirt to the class. And PGSD (Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar) faculty also does not allow their students to wear sandals to go to campus. So some students from Economic and PGSD faculty their style is neat and polite. But, some faculties allow their students to wear sandals, short pants and t-shirt like faculty of electrical. So, style from faculty of electro’s students look more relaxed, and sometimes when they are studying in the campus they like at their house because their clothes are too casual.

Besides that, nowadays is that the globalization and modernization have grown rapidly. Cultures outside of Indonesia can enter easily through electronic means, such as television, internet, BBM, etc. Therefore, the fashion of the foreign and domestic artists or public figure can be easily updated and is known to. So some students’ dress imitates the style of artists. Sometimes they also look like girls and boys band that are booming nowadays. Some girls use high heels, mini skirt, tank tops and jackets with their makeup look like artist. And for some boys they are using tights, flat shoes, tight clothes, and sometimes they deliberately did not justify some of the buttons so they will look like Korean boys band. And sometimes their style is less suited to the culture of Indonesia, so they will look weird.

Although the students  have their own style to go to campus and they are look different each other, they must wear polite clothes when they are studying. As a students of university, they should know how to dress decently and neatly to show respect to the lecturers, and as an example of students who still at the high school. And as students of university they should show that they are educated people, so they should wear appropriate dress.


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