vacation to Toraja

On the beginning of July 2013 I had an interesting vacation. I had vacation to Toraja yeeeey…!!
My vacation was begin on July 7, 2013. In the evening I started my vacation from Salatiga to Surabaya. I went to Surabaya by car (travel). I had to pay Rp 130.000,00. At 7 pm I went to the Surabaya, Juanda airport was my destination. I really interested to go, yeah my first time to flight hehehehe… I just slept along the way but at 12 am the travel stop to have dinner, late dinner actually. After that I continue my way to go Juanda International airport.
Around 4 am, I arrived at Juanda airport and I had to wait around 6 hours to check in, and after check in I still had to wait 2 hours for flight, that time my flight was at 12 am WIB (Waktu Indonesia Barat). 8 hours I had to wait for flight, so bored and tired to wait but I had to wait because I did not know what I had to do that time, I felt sleepy and I need to take a bath.

Finally, after I waited around 8 hours, at 12 I was flight. Even that time was my first flight I did not feel nervous or afraid, I just enjoyed it and again I felt sleepy. But I really enthusiast and interested in.
On an hour I arrived at Hasannudin International airport Makassar. That time I arrived there aroud 3 pm WITA (Waktu Indonesia Bagian Tengah). Java and Sulawesi has difference time, an hour.

Arrive Hasannudin International airport my friend was pick me up and we went to the her sibling’s house to take a rest for a moment, because the bus which go to Toraja from Makassar will go at 10 pm, so from 3 until 9 I could take a rest for moment.
At 9 pm, I went to the bus agent, and at 10 pm I started to go to Rantepao, Toraja. The bus that I used was air suspension, and really comfortable and that time I had to pay Rp 150.000,00. The trip took 8 hours, and because that was in the night I fell asleep until the bus arrived Makale. Makale is Toraja’s town before Rantepao from Makassar. From Makale to Rantepao takes around half an hour, and I arrived in Rantepao at 6 am and then I had to continue my way used Sitor to go to Ami’s house. Sitor is one of traditional pedicab that modified with motorcycle.

Arrived at the Ami’s house I just took a rest a moment, then we start the tour. Firstly we went to Makale, in the downtown of Makale. In there we just saw the beautiful panorama of Makale and then we bought some traditional food and drink, that is Sarabba. Then in the in the evening we just spent the time by drunk this Sarabba. 100_4034

The next day we went to Batu Tumonga. In Batu Tumonga we saw the beautiful panorama, the air is so fresh and cold actually. In Batu Tumongga I really enjoy the situation, the air, the environment. Really beautiful scenery.100_4061 After from Batutumonga, we went to Bori Tarik, Bori is kind of traditional grave of Torajan. There is baby grave in the tree, and the grave that made from stone. Even it is grave but it is not scary. And there a big stone as a sign that the family member was pass away and to be buried there.

In the third day, we went to Ami’s kampung, there I saw Tongkonan and ate Kapurung or I called it Papeda ala Toraja. That really delicious and delicious and delicious, happy yummy happy tummy. 🙂 There we played with children there and walked around the kampung / village. 100_4187

From Ami’s house in Talunglipu to Ami’s kampung only 40 minutes by motorcycle.
Then, in the fourth day we just did the shopping time. I bought t-shirt, coffee, sandals, and so on. Then we also ate Bakso Babi, and Burasa’, once again this food delicious. previous day I ate Coto Makassar and Pa’piong from pig (ham). That food delicious, yummy :p

My fifth day, I follow Rambu Solo, traditional funeral ceremony, but I couldn’t see when the people slaughter the buffalo. 100_4200


100_4213The step of this ceremony was long. When we came we have to wait until the lantang free, then after that when we were in lantang, there was a man who announce how many buffalo and pigs that we brought.After that we have to move to the other lantang, I mean to the relatives’s lantang. There we were eating the snack, and drink a coffee or tea. After that we could go home. But in the efternoon, there were Tedong Bulaga “adu kerbau”.

The sixt day, my last day in Toraja we went to Ke’te Kese, Londa and Lemo. That’s all are traditional cemetery of Torajan. It is cave that used to buried Torajan. These pictures of Ke’tek 100_4265 100_4267 100_4268100_4269
100_4268 100_4271 100_4281 100_4285



and these the pictures in Lamo and Londa 100_4318
100_4317 100_4323100_4325100_4327 100_4329









Ke’tek, Lamo and Londa are famous places in Indonesia and when you go to Toraja you have to visit these place. You will be regraded if you aren’t visit this place. beautiful right? That was great and I feel lucky I can visit Toraja for a week 🙂
Someday I’ll go there again, thank you Toraja 🙂


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