our “craziness”

Friend is somebody who together with you and not leave you alone when you are down. Friend will make you happy, support you and entertain you, but in the other side friend also your biggest enemy that you will be missing most.
Everyone have friend and so do I. I have best friends ever. They are coloring my life and they are my family here. They are Ami, Ayu, Dicta and Eki. We are from different family background, different area, and we have many differences. Then, I feel alive when I together with them, laughing together, sharing together, stressed together, having fun together and doing assignment together. They are so special in my life. I proud having friends like you guys, I don’t want to waste my times like what I did in the past. Our togetherness makes me alive and happy. How lucky I am having friends like you.
Kalau selama ini kita saling curhat, saling ngobrol dan nashati satu sama lain itu untuk kebaikan bersama, karna kita saling sayang kan??
When we are together, 80% is for laughing, joking, and bullying, then 20% for doing thing like doing assignment, sharing and so on. We are look like unserious people, and our life like just for laughing and having fun. That will be unforgettable moment ever. Don’t stop laughing guys…Keep our togetherness and happiness, keep supporting and warning each other. Keep our friendship forever, we are family..love you guys :* DSCN0137









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