me + best friends = fun, trouble and war

Somebody can’t live without friend, everybody need friend..

Having such a best friends is somthing special in life and it will be unforgetable, even the best friend not awalys be the best for us. But best friend will try to give  the best for you.  A best friend can be your big trouble and enemy, but best friend will try to be your family to protect and company you. 

The best friend maybe not always support you, but actually they are supporting you to be a better person. Maybe you and your best friend like arguing each other, then see after you are arguing, you can learn from that, you can see how your friend cares to you, how your friends try to give the best for you. Friend is God’s hand for us to feel alive. 

Actually, in this world we spend our time most with our friends, in the school, in the campus, in the work place or at home we spend our time most with our friends to share, have fun, arguing, or just chit chat. By those all we are alive, we can find our world, or maybe we can find our soulmate..

So, if we are having best friends be positive thinking, our friends will not give bad advice, they will support you to be better and they will be with you in sadness and happiness. 

I can learn that from my best friends, and thanks bunch guys, you make me alive and you are helping me to build my character, my personality and coloring my life. Whatever you said to me it is bad or not, no matter you are supporting me or not, you all will be my friends and my family ever 🙂 


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