Unbelievable Job

Yesterday I was their student, but today I am their friend. 
I never thought about this before, being my senior high teachers’ friend. It’s a little bit strange and unbelievable. 

Four years ago I graduated from this school and I did not know that I will back to this school again. Since I graduated from this school I continue my study and I have a dream to have a job in the other places. Well, lately when I was doing my thesis the headmaster of this school asked my mother about me and she said that this school need an English teacher, hopefully after I finished my study I can help to fill the empty position. In the beginning I didn’t want to take this job because I already accepted in PETRA school in Surabaya. In that time I really want to go there and start a new journey. But, before I signed the contract with Petra my family and my boy friend asked me to think again about it. Yeah, that’s uneasy process and really hard to choose. Then, I chose to take this job to make my parents happy and I don’t need to have a long distance relationship with my boy. 

Well, now I’m having this job and work with my teachers, but now they are my friends also kebeing my teacher.They still teaching me how to be a good teacher. In the other hand, even it’s a hard to do in the beginning, every I teach my students I get my spirit back and I really enjoy it and actually I just don’t like with the administrative that I should make, like make RPP, promes, prota and so on. The thing that I can do now is doing my best for my students, family and of course for me. 



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